PETROTM is a young established global marketing and sales company in MENA based in Dubai – UAE offering expertise services in comprehensive range of bulk Petroleum Products, Lubricants and Petrochemicals export of related products from many worldwide companies who are leaders in their respective field.

The demand for various Petroleum Products in different industries needs guidance of marketing people who keep a watch on Quality, Quantity, Rate & Timely supply.
We at PETROTM have been supplying lots of MNC and large scale manufacturers. PETROTM acts as value added indenters for our customers, commitment to customer service and a quality product is our core value. We have our associate local team presence internationally and operate in the Middle East, North and East Africa. In today’s digital world, our young tech-savvy associates have an edge over competitors in terms of turnaround time and customer services experience with PETROTM.


Our Mission

Our vision


What can we do for you?

We can provide the best technical advice and the most appropriate product with preferential rates and follow up with your team to the manufacturer’s satisfaction.

We believe in commitment with Perfection in Quality of the service to customer in a continuous process.

We do care about our environment, our partners’ stability and productivity as well as our community.

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